CGHE webinar series | Webinar 1 - Enabling change: Science and engineering programme leaders’ reflections on educational intentions

This opening webinar in the ‘Exploring the outcomes of educating scientists and engineers’ series will set the scene for understanding the impact of studying science and engineering by focusing on the intentions and aspirations of the academics responsible for the students’ programmes of study, drawing on interviews with six senior academic staff exploring overarching questions about their programmes. These interviews gave us data in-between and spanning the student and graduate data: insights into the often-complex history of the programmes, and the intentions to facilitate the transition of students beyond the university. The interviews express the aspirational views of programme leaders, on the educational and wider purposes of the programmes.

In the first part of this webinar, Reneé will use the interview data to compare and contrast the educational intentions of the degree programmes as expressed by leaders on the chemistry and chemical engineering programmes. Using a Bernsteinian lens to speak to disciplinary difference, we attempt to analytically separate a ‘professional’ degree programme from a ‘pure’ disciplinary one in similar contexts. In the second part of this webinar, Jan will offer a complementary view of the broader social, and social justice, intentions of the programme leaders. In what ways, if at all, do they aspire to their programmes offering a transformational role that goes beyond employment, discipline or profession?