Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative - Summer School 2018
A demonstrable knowledge of Stata is an essential pre-requisite for attending the course. Every attendant to the Summer School will need to have Stata 10 or higher installed on their laptop. The software will not be provided by the Summer School.
The purpose of this intensive Summer School is to provide a thorough technical and practical introduction to multidimensional poverty measurement with a strong emphasis on the Alkire-Foster method. Upon completing the course, students will have the skills required to construct and analyse an official national multidimensional poverty measure and to describe its policy relevance. Drawing on Amartya Sen’s capability approach and empirical examples of National and Global Multidimensional Poverty Indices (MPIs), the conceptual and empirical motivation for measuring multidimensional poverty will be presented, as well as the full suite of measurement tools including estimation, dimensional breakdown, disaggregation by population subgroup, standard errors and statistical inference, robustness, communications, policy applications, and so on.
Date: 16 July 2018, 9:00 (Monday, 13th week, Trinity 2018)
Venue: Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road OX1 3TB
Speakers: Professor Sabina Alkire (University of Oxford), Dr Usha Kanagaratnam (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative), Dr Bilal Malaeb (Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics and Political Science), Dr Christian Oldiges (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative), Dr Ana Vaz (University of Oxford), Dr Nicolai Suppa (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative), Dr Ricardo Nogales (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative)
Organising department: Oxford Department of International Development
Organiser: Matthew Brack (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative)
Organiser contact email address: ophi-summerschool@qeh.ox.ac.uk
Booking required?: Required
Booking url: http://www.ophi.org.uk/ophi-summer-school-2018/
Audience: The Summer School is addressed to those who are working on, or actively interested in gaining skills in, multidimensional poverty measurement, particularly professional staff of national offices of statistics and in government ministries that deal with poverty reduction, professionals from international development institutions, academics, and doctoral students. Applicants who are currently pursuing work on measurement are also welcome. Other applicants having a demonstrated research interest in empirical analysis in these topics will be considered on the basis of their experience and space availability.
Editor: Matthew Brack