23 & 24 July 2023 - Save Ancient Studies Alliance (SASA) Virtual Conference 2023: Discovery, Science, and Technology in the Ancient World: Traditions and Innovations
This year’s conference is titled “Discovery, Science, and Technology in the Ancient World – Traditions and Innovations” and focuses on the Ancient technologies developed in the ancient world, and emphasizes cross-cultural comparison by including the deep past of all cultures. It will feature scholars from across the world who persevere in their research in spite of obstacles. Additionally, Special Sessions are hosted on each day as forums for those who are interested in proactively developing real solutions to current problems in Ancient Studies. We are also happy to announce four Keynote speakers: Dr Adrienne Mayor, Dr Gerardo Aldana, Dr Geoffrey Killen and Dr Alexander Jones. Along with our current committed partners, including World History Encyclopedia and World of Antiquity, we have exposure to over 600,000 followers across the platforms.
Date: 23 July 2023, 9:00 (Sunday, 14th week, Trinity 2023)
Venue: Online
Speaker: Various Speakers
Organiser contact email address: conference@saveancientstudies.org
Booking required?: Required
Booking url: https://www.saveancientstudies.org/virtual-conference
Cost: Free, but donations are appreciated
Audience: Public
Editor: Belinda Clark