Digital Identity Systems: Lessons from Kenya

Digital identification systems are becoming increasingly popular around the world due to the multiple benefits they give, such as enhanced access to financial services, healthcare, and education. However, their deployment has created privacy, data protection, and inclusion concerns. This webinar, titled “Digital Identity Systems: Lessons from Kenya,” tries to address some of these concerns by delving into the experiences and lessons acquired from Kenya’s Huduma Namba program implementation. The panelists will evaluate the regulatory frameworks for privacy and data protection, examine the role of digital identification in improving inclusivity and the challenges that must be addressed, and analyze the impact of digital identity systems on service delivery and efficiency in various sectors. The webinar will also cover the issues around technology ownership, western bias in academic research, and the usage of open-source technologies in digital identification systems. The insights gathered from this webinar will be beneficial for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners working in the creation and implementation of digital identification systems, particularly in the global south.