What Price a Martian? Human Limits to Exploring the Red Planet

In the last hundred years, humankind has made the impossible possible: space travel. Only a lucky few have gone where no one had gone before, but what is it really like to venture in to the depths of the unknown?

Dr James Pawelczyk, Physiologist and Astronaut on the STS-90 Clumbia Space Shuttle Mission, will be visiting the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford, to discuss just exactly what the body must endure when travelling through space.

All members of the Department and their families are welcome, but places are limited so be sure to secure tickets as soon as possible.

The talk will take place in the Sherrington Large Lecture Theatre and will also be live streamed on the Big Screen in the foyer. A drinks and nibbles reception will follow the talk, at which you will have an opportunity to speak to the astronaut James himself as well as have a chance to get your hands on some space stash!

More information to follow. DPAG members are encouraged to look out for an email invitation.