Beyond the Ivory Tower: Housing Possession

4.30-5.30 Seminar: Law in Books v Law in Practice: Housing Possession
In conversation with Turpin & Miller LLP, who run the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme in Oxford, Lisa reports on research into the housing possession procession that looks at both the legal rules and their operation in practice. Lisa explains how important it is to invest knowledge of the law with an awareness of its social significance, and considers how empirical legal research can achieve research ‘impact’.

5.30-6.00: Refreshments

6.00-7.30 Workshop: Setting up a Clinic on Evictions and Repossessions at Hull
This workshop brings together the ’academy’ and ’practice’ to explore new ideas on how to support those threatened with homelessness. Lisa reports on a trial project, known as the ‘Clinic on Evictions and Repossessions’ (CLEAR), which is based at the University of Hull and funded by the Ferens Education Trust. CLEAR aims to provide advice to occupiers at risk of losing their home and has the support of members of the local judiciary, debt advisors, and landlords.

Biography: Lisa is a Reader in Law at the University of Hull. With Professor Susan Bright, she has investigated the housing possession process with a particular focus on the information available to the court, and the availability of advice and representation to those threatened with eviction. Their earlier findings are available here.

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