UK EQUATOR Centre presents: Virt2ue Course on Research Integrity

Have you been looking for in-depth training in research integrity? The Virt2ue training course, developed by the Embassy of Good Science, is here to help! The course uses case studies, moral dilemmas, and personal experiences to help you develop an understanding of what it means to be a good and virtuous researcher and build strong connections between theory and practice. You’ll be empowered to integrate research integrity principles in your professional life and act on those principles in real situations.

Presenter: Dr Michael Schlussel is a senior medical statistician at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine and a methodologist at the UK EQUATOR Centre, both of the University of Oxford. He conducts methodological research to improve how medical research is designed, conducted, analysed, and reported in scholarly communications.

Maximum participants: 24

Requirements: Participants must be fluent in English, currently involved in biomedical research, and able to commit to completing the self-directed learning and attending both live sessions.

Format: This blended learning course consists of approximately 7 hours of self-directed learning and two live sessions.

Self-directed learning (to be completed before the first live session):

Work through three modules of interactive videos on the Embassy of Good Science website, taking a maximum of 3h.
Watch 20 min of videos on YouTube
Read 4,000 words on provided webpages

Live session details:

Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 November 2021
12:30-16:00 GMT

To register, please email