Integrating culture, science, and social justice: a 12-year program of prevention parenting research with Latina/o immigrants in the US, and Latina/o populations in Latin America

The access of vulnerable Latina/o immigrant populations to culturally adapted evidence-based parent training interventions remains scarce in the United States. Similarly, multiple barriers continue to prevent the dissemination of this type of intervention across Latin America. In this presentation, Parra-Cardona will describe a 12-year program of NIH-funded prevention research in the US, focused on the cultural adaptation and dissemination of an evidence-based parenting intervention for low-income Latina/o immigrant families with children and youth. Efficacy findings indicate that the largest intervention effects of culturally adapted parenting interventions were associated with the versions of parenting programs in which issues of discrimination, as well as contextual and cultural challenges were overtly addressed. Parra-Cardona will also reflect on precursors associated with high retention and efficacy in this applied program of prevention research, as well as the ways in which knowledge generated in the US context has informed large-scale studies in Mexico and Chile.