Patching up the crypt: Innate immune cells orchestrate intestinal regeneration

Tom Cupedo is an associate professor at the department of Hematology at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He did his training as a PhD student with Reina Mebius, investigating ILC3 in mouse lymph node development and as a postdoctoral fellow with Hergen Spits, leading to the identification of human fetal ILC3. In recent years his research has been focused on the biology of group 3 Innate lymphoid Cells (ILC3), especially in the context of intestinal regeneration. Recent findings include the characterization of a stromal niche for ILC3 in human and mouse lymph nodes, and the discovery of an important role for ILC3 as regulators of epithelial stem cell regeneration and tissue repair following intestinal damage.