Rewilding European landscapes: lessons learned and future directions for science and practice

Rewilding has emerged as a novel approach for nature recovery gaining momentum across Europe. Drawing from my dual experience as a rewilding researcher and practitioner, I will offer insights into the connection between scientific research and practical implementation of rewilding initiatives across the continent. I will present key obstacles to rewilding that necessitate concerted efforts and cooperation among practitioners, scientists, and policymakers and propose research and policy agendas to advance rewilding at scale in Europe.

Sophie Monsarrat is a rewilding scientist and practitioner, with previous experience working on large terrestrial mammal ecology in South African and European landscapes. After 9 years in academia, she joined Rewilding Europe to help support the rewilding movement in Europe. As Rewilding Manager, she oversees the wildlife comeback, natural grazing and coexistence programs across Rewilding Europe’s landscapes. She also manages the European Wildlife Comeback Fund, which supports keystone species reintroductions across Europe.

The Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery and Biodiversity Network are interested in promoting a wide variety of views and opinions on nature recovery from researchers and practitioners.

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