The role of the gut microbiota in sepsis

Joost Wiersinga, MD, PhD, MBA, received his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam with additional training at the Mayo Clinic and the National Institutes of Health. He divides his time between patient care at the Dpt. of Medicine and the Div. of Infectious Diseases, teaching and research in the Centre for Experimental Molecular Medicine, all at the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam. He was awarded with the ESCMID Young Investigator Award 2014 and the ANZICS Global Rising Star Award 2015. He currently steers the EU funded European Sepsis Academy. He has published as lead author in among others Nature Reviews Microbiology, Gut, PLoS Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine. His research focuses on the role and function of pathogen recognition receptors and innate immune responses in sepsis, with a special interest in pneumonia, typhoid fever, melioidosis and the gut microbiota.