(Over) population, people, & climate emergency: reproductive justice as a paradigm shift

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change
Status: This talk has been cancelled

Mounting concerns around the climate emergency have seen the resurgence of discourse and rhetoric around ‘overpopulation’, framing high birth rates as damaging to the environment and the limited resource capacities. These frames of scarcity and overpopulation have manifested in calls for the £11bn UK climate budget to be focused on family planning and increased use, and increased interest in development programmes linking family planning, health and empowerment, and climate emergency. Cautioning against the resurgence of neo-Malthusian frames, feminist critics question the instrumentalisation of women’s reproduction to meet programmatic and development aims instead of prioritising and ensuring their reproductive rights. In this lecture, I explore the resurgence of these neo-Malthusian frames, and drawing on the Black feminist-led concept of ‘Reproductive Justice’ explore new ways of understanding and approaching reproduction in this moment of climate emergency.