Safety first: maintaining blood donation safety while promoting inclusivity

Join us this World Blood Donor Day as Su Brailsford and Heli Harvala explore the vital intersection of maintaining blood safety and promoting inclusivity within the NHS Blood and Transplant service. Dr. Brailsford from NHS Blood and Transplant will discuss her instrumental role in the ‘For the Individual Assessment of Risk’ (FAIR) Steering group. Discover how this initiative has enhanced equality in donor selection, especially concerning sexuality, sexual behaviour, and minority ethnic communities, whilst ensuring the highest standards of blood safety. Dr Harvala will share her cutting-edge research on Occult Hepatitis B infection in blood donations. Learn about her work in implementing advanced screening methods introduced last year to effectively manage this risk.

Don’t miss this engaging talk from the Genomics to Enhance Microbial Screening Blood and Transplant Unit (BTRU-GEMS) where we delve into the science and policy that underpin our commitment to maintaining a safe blood transfusion service, alongside promoting inclusivity!

This talk is funded by the Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN), refreshments will be provided before and after the talks. Registration required.