Land, Democracy and the Economy

Land provides the fundamentals of our existence as individuals and communities. It provides places to live, to grow food, to derive important natural resources, to play, and to sustain all life. Who should own the land? How should it be governed? How should decisions about its use be made? How should it be taxed? Andy Wightman will explore these questions and relate them to the state of the UK economy, the housing crisis and food security. He will outline the current land reform process in Scotland and the prospects for reform beyond the 2016 Holyrood election.

Andy Wightman is a freelance writer, researcher and analyst specialising in land rights, democracy and economics, and a leading advocate of land reform in Scotland. He is author of several publications including Who Owns Scotland (1996) and The Poor Had No Lawyers (2010). He is standing as a candidate for the Scottish Green Party in the 2016 Holyrood election. He runs the website and popular blog at

Andy’s talk will be followed by a drinks reception at which you will have the opportunity to discuss the issues that Andy raises in more detail with him and with each other.

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