IFPN lunch talk: Reciprocal Space

The Industry Fellows and Postdocs Network organises regular social lunches and lunch time talks on various topics.

Join us to hear over lunch from Dr Michal Barski from Reciprocal Space. After a PhD in structural biology at the University of St Andrews and a Postdoc in virology at Imperial College London, Michal co-founded the London-based design and animation studio Reciprocal Space. The studio merges scientific and design expertise to create bespoke visuals for companies in the biotech, medical and pharma sectors. These are used in communication with clients, patients and investors. Michal will talk about his journey from the lab bench to creating and managing a creative business venture. You will hear about innovation, open-mindedness and why visual design plays a key role in the biotech business.

This event is open to DPhils and post-doctoral researchers from the University of Oxford.