3D for 3Rs: use of organoids and microfluidics in Oxford

The use of 3D cell culture techniques, including organoids, as well as microfluidics/organ-on-a-chip is an exciting and fast-moving area in biomedical science and has vast potential impact for both the 3Rs and science.

Join us for this half-day mini-symposium showcasing different uses of these approaches from within Oxford and other nearby research institutes to get a sense of what is possible and who the local experts on in these techniques. Whether you are working in the area or curious to know what is possible there should be something of interest for you on the programme!

This event will be held IN-PERSON at the Old Road Campus in Oxford, further details will be released to attendees. The event is FREE but registration is necessary, so please email chris.barkus@nc3rs.org.uk to secure your place.