COP 28: Over and Out?

Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement marked a significant step forward in global efforts to combat climate change. However, the recent UN Climate Change Conference, COP 28 in Dubai, has left us with more uncertainties than assurances about our ability to address the climate crisis through good governance. Fossil fuels continue to be widely used, prompting a need for urgent action by national and local authorities to adapt our built environments quickly to cope with changing climates and unpredictable weather patterns. Four invited speakers will assess what COP really means for cities, their residents and managers. The seminar will provoke lively debate about what relevance COP now has at global, national, and local levels, generating discussion over topics such as energy transition, losses and damages, and climate justice. As preparations for COP 29 get underway, the seminar asks questions about future steps.

This in-person event is free and open to all. Refreshments will be served from 17:00. The seminar will begin at 17:30, followed by a drinks reception at 18:30.