Oxford Climate Research Showcase

The event will: Showcase the broad and rich variety of world leading climate research going on in Oxford University. Stimulate diverse discussions of research and facilitate potential collaboration opportunities. Inspire students to get involved with amazing climate-related work, regardless of ones’ subject or academic background Grow connections between researchers and students, across discipline and silo boundaries.

Event format:

  • The event will open with two short plenary talks by prominent researchers on (i) specific, recent, exciting Oxford contributions, and (ii) Oxford’s general role in moving the state of the art forward.
  • Following these two opening talks, we’ll move to the virtual “social lounge” for the main event. This virtual area will have a 20-30 tables (one for each research group) that event participants can freely move between to network with and chat to the researchers there.

List of groups attending showcase – being live updated:

African climate – Richard Washington

Agricultural emissions – Michelle Cain

Anthropology – Nayanika Mathur

Atmospheric Circulation – Matthew Patterson & Marie Drouard

Business transitions – Elena Pierard

Circular economies – Caitlin McElroy

Climate of solar system planets – Peter Read

Cloud and aerosol physics – Philip Stier

Ecosystems and tropical forests – Yadvinder Malhi

Greenhouse gas reduction and removals – Steve Smith

History – Amanda Power

Journalism & Media – James Painter

Law – Navya Jannu

Nature Based Solution – Isabel Key

India & urban development – Vinita Govindarajan

Past climate – Stuart Robinson

Philosophy – Alice Evatt

Photovoltaics – Ashley Marshall

Physical oceanography – Helen Johnson

Policy & Security – Kate Guy

Resilience & Adaptation – Lisa Schipper

Transport – Debbie Hopkins

UK Climate Risk & Policy – Pam Berry

Water systems & risk – Jim Hall

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