Name: Harry Verhoeven
SIPA, Columbia University

Events this person is speaking at:

Wednesday 3 May 2023 (2nd Week, Trinity Term)

Sudan’s Crisis: Origins, Triggers & Prospects
Date: 3 May 2023, 16:00 - 17:00 (Wednesday, 2nd week, Trinity 2023)
Speaker s: Mai Hassan (MIT), Harry Verhoeven (SIPA, Columbia University), Biruk Terrefe (University of Oxford), Sharath Srinivasan (Cambridge)
Venue Details: Online only
Organiser: Jason Mosley (University of Oxford)
Hosts: TBA

Wednesday 5 June 2024 (7th Week, Trinity Term)

The road (not) taken: infrastructure & sovereignty in the Horn of Africa
Date: 5 June 2024, 16:00 - 17:30 (Wednesday, 7th week, Trinity 2024)
Speaker s: Biruk Terrefe (University of Oxford), Harry Verhoeven (SIPA, Columbia University)
Venue: 13 Bevington Road, 13 Bevington Road OX2 6NB
Venue Details: Seminar room, African Studies Centre
Organiser: Jason Mosley (University of Oxford)
Hosts: TBA

Events this person is hosting:

Tuesday 6 June 2023 (7th Week, Trinity Term)

OUCAN Conference 2023: The Future of China's Overseas Finance on the BRI's 10th Anniversary
Date: 6 June 2023, 10:00 - 17:30 (Tuesday, 7th week, Trinity 2023)
Speaker Various Speakers
Venue: Dickson Poon Building, Canterbury Road OX2 6LU
Venue Details: Kin-ku Cheng Lecture Theatre
Organiser: Nicolas Lippolis (University of Oxford)
Hosts: Harry Verhoeven (SIPA, Columbia University), Nicolas Lippolis (University of Oxford)