Name: Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland
University of Oxford

Events this person is speaking at:

Friday 15 November 2019 (5th Week, Michaelmas Term)

An optimistic vision for a sustainable, wild, and socially just world
Date: 15 November 2019, 16:15 - 18:30 (Friday, 5th week, Michaelmas 2019)
Speaker : Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford)
Venue: Dyson Perrins Building, off South Parks Road OX1 3QY
Venue Details: Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, 1st Floor
Organiser: Jane Applegarth (University of Oxford, Oxford University Centre for the Environment)
Host: Dr Imma Oliveras (ECI, University of Oxford)

Tuesday 22 September 2020 (-2nd Week, Michaelmas Term)

Resetting our relationship with nature in a post-COVID world
Date: 22 September 2020, 17:00 - 18:00 (Tuesday, -2nd week, Michaelmas 2020)
Speaker s: Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford), Professor Charles Godfray (University of Oxford)
Venue Details: Online Event
Organiser: Oxford Martin School (University of Oxford)
Hosts: TBA

Wednesday 8 November 2023 (5th Week, Michaelmas Term)

Global Equitable Oxford: what are our research and teaching responsibilities to the wider world?
Date: 8 November 2023, 11:00 - 12:15 (Wednesday, 5th week, Michaelmas 2023)
Speaker s: Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford), Prof Lisa White (University of Oxford), Andonis Marden (University of Oxford)
Venue Details: Old Common Room, Balliol College, Broad Street
Organiser: Tim Soutphommasane (University of Oxford)
Hosts: TBA