Entrepreneur in Residence Masterclass Series 2022

In this 2022 Translational Masterclass Series, Dr Nessa Carey, Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Oxford, will take you through a series of chosen topics, key questions and workshops to help you further your understanding of translational research and innovation. After each session, you will be equipped with a framework and toolkit that will help you drive your translational research successfully, increase your ability to engage the right stakeholders at the right time, and access the funding you need to further your research and drive change, whether that is early stage translational funding, translational fellowships or secure private investment.

Audience: Oxford University staff and students.

Format: For each topic, a video will be released on the TRO website one week ahead of a virtual workshop. Each workshops will run for 60 min, during which participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the topic and apply the gained knowledge to their own project.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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