Practising Archaeology

The series Practising Archaeology is organised by the team of ‘Archaeology Partnerships’, which is an ASPECT Innovation Fellowship based at the School of Archaeology.

Our events aim to
-inspire attendees to think outside of the box and beyond academia for their career progression
-showcase meaningful knowledge exchange and community engagement
-explore definitions of innovation that work for archaeology.

We select themes that correspond to research clusters that exist within the School of Archaeology and its sister disciplines so that we can explore and define innovation from different research perspectives.

Our events feature presentations by external speakers and are held under Chatham House Rules to encourage candour and openness. Therefore, they are not recorded.

We encourage presenters and attendees to reflect on the skills archaeologists need to develop to design and run impactful community engagement projects, the special challenges faced by projects that sit in-between and beyond commercial and academic archaeology, and the partnerships required to develop and sustain them. How can looking beyond academia benefit one’s own research?

Even though the series has been designed with archaeologists and archaeological scientists in mind, any member of the university with an interest in this discussion is welcome to attend.
Type: Seminar Series
Series organisers: Ine Jacobs, Katerina Vavaliou, Robyn Mason
Organising department: School of Archaeology


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editor: Aikaterini Vavaliou