2023 - Oxford Festival of Open Scholarship

Audience: Primarily aimed at researchers and academics but all Oxford staff and students are welcome

What in the world is going on with open access and open research?

Come along and hear from an array of exciting national and international speakers – and find out!

Organised by the Bodleian Libraries, for Oxford staff and students, The Oxford Festival of Open Scholarship (OxFOS) covers a range of topical issues for a fortnight each year. This is an opportunity to explore and debate issues, and jointly look for solutions. We hope to interest and inspire you!
Type: Conference
Series organiser: Bodleian Libraries (University of Oxford)
Timing: 6th - 15th March 2023
Web Address: https://openaccess.ox.ac.uk/oxfos-23


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editors: Sarah Humphreys, Melanie Smith, David Phillips, Beth Paton, David Tomkins, Polly Bannister