North American Studies Programme Seminar Series

The North American Studies Programme at St Antony’s College was launched in 2011 as an initiative that seeks to examine the common problems and issues that transcend national boundaries in North America, the interrelationships among North American states and societies, and the relationship of the region to the wider world. Defining North America as the territory from the Arctic to the Isthmus of Panama and including the islands of the Caribbean, the Programme aims to study the continent in a way that is integrated and cohesive, crossing disciplinary boundaries and providing new insights into the similarities and differences that characterise the region.

The Programme hosts a North American Studies Seminar Series at the College each term. These sessions examine a range of topics and issues relevant to North America in order to highlight the potential usefulness of studying the continent as a region that is bound together by geographic, political, cultural, and economic links and by a set of shared challenges and concerns. The North American Studies Programme looks forward to future efforts to bring about a deeper understanding of North America and its place in the world at St Antony’s, around Oxford, and beyond. As it develops and grows, the Programme will promote research on North American issues by organising collaborative work, hosting conferences, and producing publications on particularly important regional themes and topics.

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Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.