Smith School Business Fellows

The Business Fellows Programme provides the Smith School with a practitioners’ perspective on our research activities. Most Business Fellows are employed or engaged in the field of business sustainability, and their deep and wide ranging experience is used to review, challenge and refine our areas of academic enquiry.

Business Fellows are drawn from the corporate sector (Diageo, Marks and Spencer, Mars, Royal Dutch Shell, SABMiller); financial institutions (Circularity Capital, Newton Investment Management, UBS); and enabling organisations (Accenture, Environment Agency, PwC, Xynteo). Their collective knowledge represents a valuable asset to the Smith School, and Business Fellows are currently variously involved within our Long-Term Investment, Environmental Management, and Sharing Resource Prosperity programmes. We recognise the imperative of an integrated approach, where conceptual frameworks that seek to address the challenges of scarcity and sustainability must be validated against the practicalities of getting things done in the real world.

Business Fellows serve by invitation. These are not ex officio appointments; Fellows are valued for their independence as much as their experience, and they engage with the School in their personal capacity. A series of events are organised through the academic year, and Business Fellows are expected to participate actively. There are typically 12-15 Business Fellows at any time, most of whom serve a fixed term. If you are interested in joining the Fellowship, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact the Programme Director, Dr Alex Money, to find out more.

Thursday 4 February 2016 (3rd Week, Hilary Term)

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