Oxford Development

International development faces major challenges in the context of Covid-19. Low and middle income countries are likely to be the worst affected, not only by the virus but also its indirect consequences for the global economy, multilateral funding, and the provision of essential public services. With the public focused increasingly on domestic challenges, there is a risk of declining support for bilateral and multilateral assistance. It is more important than ever that the wider public can understand, engage with, and debate key ideas in international development.

We have therefore decided to organise ‘Oxford Development Talks’ to showcase the best of Oxford thinking on international development and to make it accessible to a wider general public. The talks will take a variety of forms, from lectures to interviews, and will take key ideas from research and explain them in an accessible way. All the talks will be live on Zoom at regular points during Trinity Term 2020, and will be captured on YouTube and available on this webpage.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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