Lincoln Unlocked - Events and Lectures

Lincoln Unlocked is a new academic and research centre which has been established to support and encourage the study of historic collections. Its aim is to foster interdisciplinary research on private and institutional collections, by drawing on Lincoln’s own resources and expertise.

Lincoln College, Oxford is in an ideal position to support research of this kind. At the heart of the Centre is the College’s own collections of books and archive materials, which date back to its foundation in 1427. Within its comparatively untouched original buildings, the College holds an unusually complete run of administrative records from the time of its foundation onwards; its Senior Library is home to unique collections, including manuscripts, incunabula, and early printed books; while other interesting materials include a small but first-rate collection of historic plate. These resources are ripe for interdisciplinary study and for use as a teaching model for similar enterprises both in the UK and internationally.

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This series features in the following public collections: