Conference: The Late Antique Cult of Saints in Eastern Christianity

Scholarship on Late Antique Christianity has long focused on the Christian West, often ignoring communities and liturgical traditions in the Eastern regions of the early Christian world. This resulted in a relative lack of interest, and therefore, scholarship, on numerous communities whose heritage is in danger of disappearing.

However, the last couple of decades has seen an increasing focus on these arguably long-forgotten ‘Christianities’ and their communities, heritage, and literary productions. Following this crucial shift in scholarship, we wish to invite young scholars to a conference at the University of Oxford to further explore the various traditions cultivated in Christian communities residing in these marginalised areas of the Late Antique world. As a tribute to Peter Brown’s legacy in the study of Late Antiquity, the conference will survey these communities through the prism of the cult of saints.

The conference will take place between 4–5 May, 2023 and will be hosted by the Ertegun Scholarship Programme House, The University of Oxford. Attendees of all levels of scholarship are welcome to register to attend the conference. The conference will also be broadcasted on zoom, to which those who are interested will need to register as well.

The deadline to register for in person attendance is 2 May.
Type: Conference
Series organisers: Chloé Agar, Andrew Hochstedler, Ya'el Nu'emah Krämer
Timing: 4 May, 09:15-18:00 / 5 May, 10:30-19:00
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Editors: Laura Spence, Belinda Clark