Advanced Quantitative Methods, TT 2023

In Trinity Term 2023 we offer four in-person advanced quantitative methods courses at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. The first two course (multilevel and structural equation modelling) are open for all interested students and members of staff. The later two courses (psychometrics and assessment analysis, and advanced modelling in R) have a limited number of places available for Masters and Doctoral students.

The courses require a basic understanding of multiple regression modelling or other multivariate techniques. We will use a variety of software, including R-studio, various R-modules, and Mplus (mostly the free demo-version) during the courses.

Department of Education students and staff are welcome to sign up using the following link

Our program is:
Oxford TT Week 2 Multilevel modelling (Ariel Lindorff)
Oxford TT Week 3 Structural equation modelling (Lars Malmberg):
Oxford TT Week 4 Psychometrics and assessment analysis (Chris Wheadon)
Oxford TT Week 5 Advanced models in R (Lars Malmberg)

Happy number crunching
Lars Malmberg

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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