Talking About Dying: The Biggest question

Talking About Dying: The Biggest question
16th November 2017
Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine’s College, Oxford OX1 3UJ

A symposium following the publication of “Talking about dying” by Philip Giddings, Martin Down, Elaine Sugden and Gareth Tuckwell. To register follow this link:

To be able to talk about dying with insight and compassion is a vital characteristic of a wise society. The Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership has helped to organise this event in order to promote such conversation about dying. We are particularly pleased that colleagues from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with whom we have been exploring the practice of compassion, will play a leading role in the discussion on the evening.
Type: Conference
Series organiser: Professor Joshua Hordern
Timing: 16th November 2017
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Organising department: Faculty of Theology and Religion


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Editors: Alison Broadby, Richard Parfitt