Conference: Rethinking Global Engagement - The Oxford-Berlin Partnership Symposium 2023

Organised by the University of Oxford and Berlin University Alliance, this symposium addresses the pressing need for European universities to rethink and to re-imagine the way in which they engage globally.

Leading academics and senior university leaders discuss the ways in which we can confront the challenges of increased politicisation and geopolitical tensions; explore new modes of research collaborations to reflect better the changing global research environment and to maximise inclusivity and representation; and to share experiences and lessons from across a wide range of disciplines and research areas.

The keynote lecture will be given by Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty, Professor in History, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago on the subject of “From the Global to the Planetary”.

The conference will take place at St Antony’s College in the Nissan Lecture Theatre.

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