Grand Challenges Seminar Series

This seminar series will provide a forum to hear from experts and discuss the pressing issues and questions surrounding our environment. Organized by a group of interdisciplinary PhD students at the University of Oxford, the seminars will begin with short presentations, before the floor will be opened to questions.

The seminars will start at 5pm sharp in the T.S. Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College, so please arrive with time to find a seat. A drinks reception will be held afterwards from 6-7pm. Free tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite*.

Please stay tuned for updated event descriptions and speaker lists.

1. Tuesday 19th January 2016 (wk 1) – Designing cities with nature in mind

2. Tuesday 26th January 2016 (wk 2) – Are we alone? Discourse on extraterrestrial research

3. Tuesday 2nd February 2016 (wk 3) – Science Communication in the 21st Century

4. Tuesday 9th February 2016 (wk 4) – The prediction, perception and prevention of natural hazards

5. Tuesday 16th February 2016 (wk 5) – How to feed 9 billion people: Exploring the future of sustainable food

Type: Seminar Series
Timing: Tuesdays at 5pm
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No upcoming talks to display for this series.
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