All Souls Seminar in Medieval and Early Modern Science

Studying nature in medieval Europe was dramatically different from doing it in 1700. In the Middle Ages, nature was made of four elements, the Earth was at the center of the universe, natural knowledge circulated in philosophical manuscripts, and oceanic navigation was practiced only by a few. But by Newton’s time, matter was made of atoms, the Earth rotated around the Sun, mathematicians debated philosophers in printed books, and scholars collected data from across European empires. Historians have often called these changes a Scientific Revolution. But unlike a normal revolution, this one happened slowly, alongside major cultural, religious, and institutional changes. This seminar presents the latest research to understand historical changes in the making of science. By doing so, it aims to foster new conversations and deepen old ones in the history of medieval and early modern science.

Venue: Hovenden Room, All Souls College, unless otherwise stated

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