Oxford Legal History Forum

The Oxford Legal History Forum runs a lively programme of talks and lectures in every kind of legal history, across the academic year. In any one term up to five lunchtime seminars are held in the faculty with both senior scholars and younger researchers presenting fresh research for discussion and debate. Many doctoral students find this an ideal place to trial their ideas, and we actively seek contributions from younger scholars across the UK and from abroad. We also organize the annual Youard Lecture in Legal History, and have hosted book launches, colloquia, and some major international conferences in collaboration with other members of the university, especially in Roman and comparative law as well as many branches of public, private and financial law. The focus of the discussions moves easily from doctrinal history to political and social history of law through to more social scientific and economic brands of legal history. All interested persons are welcome, including historians and social scientists from outside the Law Faculty. Dr Joe Sampson and Fleur Stolker are the convenors of the Forum.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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