Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

The Centre’s mission is to support, at the highest level, the full scope of Hebrew and Jewish Studies from antiquity to the contemporary world. The Centre aims:

1. To fund education at undergraduate and graduate levels within the University of Oxford both by funding teaching for degrees in Jewish Studies and by bringing Hebrew and Jewish Studies into a wide range of other degrees.

2. To fund research and publication at the highest international level through the work of its own Fellows, as a focus for visitors from around the world who come to Oxford to pursue their own research agenda, and by enabling the University of Oxford to convene groups of Visiting Fellows to work together in
Oxford for limited periods on specific topics.

3. To convey the fruits of research and teaching by engagement with a wider public, exploring new avenues for the wider dissemination of research and education in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, whether through the provision of library and archival resources or through public lectures, more popular forms of publication, or other visual and audio-media.

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