Panel Series on the Past and Present of Slavery

The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights is pleased to announced a three-part Panel Series on the Past and Present of Slavery. The discussions, moderated by Samantha Knights QC, are aimed at a broad interdisciplinary audience and will speak to what can and should be done to address “slavery”, with a focus on the history of slavery, the legacy of empire, education about slavery, human trafficking and modern slavery.

This panel series forms part of a larger initiative by the Bonavero Institute to foster public engagement with slavery’s history and its implications for the present day. It complements the Non-Credit Course on the Past and Present of Slavery offered by the institute to students last year.

All three panels will take place online, via Zoom, and will feature academics and practitioners at the cutting-edge of research on slavery and modern slavery. They are open to the public, but require prior registration. Scroll down for more information on each panel and registration details.

Read more about the events and speakers here:
Type: Seminar Series
Timing: Mondays 17:00 - on Zoom
Web Address:
Organising department: Faculty of Law


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editors: Laura Spence, Belinda Clark