The Global Thinkers Project, Oxford: Reviving silenced internationalist voices in International Relations

‘Global Thinkers of the International’ (GTI) is a specialist-led IR discussion series that brings together faculty members and students across the University of Oxford to discuss the work of global political thinkers. The individuals discussed in this series would have written works on International Relations and may have played a significant role in influencing the foreign policy agendas of various nations and political leaders. The main aim of the series is to travel beyond the North-South, East-West, and European-American binaries and to gain an appreciation of the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity in historic and contemporary IR thought.

In Michaelmas term 2019, GTI is delighted to announce three events on figures from the Portuguese-speaking world, events which will bring to light their perspectives on colonialism, nationalism, slavery, and other topics relevant to current IR study at Oxford.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

This series features in the following public collections: