DPhil thesis bootcamp 2023

The DPhil thesis bootcamp 2023 is designed for DPhil students who will be writing up their theses within the next year. Part 1 of the bootcamp offers tips on energy management and burnout prevention (12–1 pm on 28th June), and part 2 offers tricks for effective time and project management (12–1 pm on 5th July); both are online and specifically for writing a DPhil thesis.

To attend, please register in advance. See each individual session for a registration link specific to that session.
Type: Seminar Series
Series organiser: Dr Anne Wolfes (University of Oxford)
Timing: 12-1 pm on Wednesday, 28th June, and Wednesday, 5th July
Organising department: Medical Sciences Division


No upcoming talks to display for this series.
Editor: Anne Wolfes