McDonald Centre Annual Conference 2023 - Conditions for Corrosion: How Are Good Healthcare Practitioners Made and Lost?

27-29 June 2023
Harris Manchester College

What factors are creating the conditions for corroding practitioners’ capacity to develop a well-ordered professional identity? How is corrosion associated with, for example, the healthcare institutions, laws and systems within which practitioners operate? How do such conditions, as they influence the everyday practices of healthcare practitioners, constrain practitioners in their desire to act for the good, in accordance with what they understand to be their vocation?

This international, interdisciplinary conference brings together those with dual expertise in both healthcare and ethics or theology to attempt to diagnose the conditions for corrosion which currently prevail and consider what should be done to address them.

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Tuesday 27 June 2023 (10th Week, Trinity Term)

Wednesday 28 June 2023 (10th Week, Trinity Term)

Thursday 29 June 2023 (10th Week, Trinity Term)

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