Seminars at the Institute of Population Ageing

There are no upcoming talks in this list.
This list contains talks from the following series:
Ageing, Wellbeing and Health
Hilary 2023 Seminar Series: Methodological Advances in Social and Health Care Research
Hilary 2024 Seminar Series: Health, Ageing and Longevity: Exploring Perspectives from across the University of Oxford
Hilary Term 2021 Seminar Series - Perspectives on Global Ageing
Leave No One Behind – Sustainable Development Goals, Ageing and Global Development
Michaelmas 2021 Seminar Series - Future Perspectives on Ageing
Michaelmas 2023 Seminar Series | Ageing with a Disability
Michaelmas Term 2020 Seminar Series
Older Women’s Health
Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses
Science and populism: from evidence to narrative (Oxford Martin School, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and University College Joint Series)
The Geopolitical Implications of Global Population Change
Trinity 2021 Seminar Series - Perspectives on Global Ageing
Trinity 2022 Seminar Series - The Challenges Facing an Ageing Africa and Latin America in the 21st Century
Trinity 2023 Seminar Series | Caring communities: configuring local support for healthy ageing in place