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“Innovation for Development”
The Technology and Management Centre for Development at the Oxford Department of International Development invites you to our upcoming research seminars. These research seminars are intended to connect active researchers and students on the topics of innovation, technology and management for development. This is a chance to exchange ideas, learn and connect not just with TMCD staff, researchers and fellows but also the innovation research community at large at Oxford. These afternoons are a great opportunity to seek feedback and learn new viewpoints on our research interests.

Dates: Thursday May 19th 2016 | Wednesday June 1 2016
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Large Seminar Rooms, Queen Elizabth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford
Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided.
Open to students, lecturers, practitioners and researchers.

Speakers on 19th May, 2016

Marco Haenssgen “Myths, Struggles, and Freedoms: The Social Context and Implications of Mobile Phone Diffusion in India and China”
Shaheen Akter “The impact of multinationals and Ghanaian firms on skills and aspirations: A comparative analysis”
Kate Roll “Can equity-based asset financing out perform traditional models?”

Speakers on 1st June, 2016
Guillermo Casasnovas “How is ambiguity resolved in the early stages of market formation? Insights from the UK social investment market“
Kaihua Chen “How to measure innovation systems? From sciento-metrics to inno-metrics”
Yawen Li “When do firms participate in open innovation?”
Hao Xu “Social network and knowledge transfer in MNEs”
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Dr. Shaoemeng Li
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